The 10th Symposium stands under the subject of FROM ENCYCLOPEDIA TO WIKIPEDIA”.


Date: 17th-18th October, 2019


Location: CELJE, School Centre Celje, Secodary School for Services and Logistics 
(Slovene: Šolski center Celje, Srednja šola za storitvene dejavnosti in logistiko), Slovenia 



in co-operation with




The short presentation of the symposium:

  1. Contents and goals:

The main purpose of the symposium is to be a part of a good school system that guides young people and gives them advice on how to discover and develop their interests, needs and abilities. The development and lifelong learning of young participants in the educational system from kindergarten to college are at the heart of the discussion.

The civil society should also contribute to the development of a better school system. Initially, by referring to the weaknesses and peculiarities of the system that the state is unable to notice. The potential impact on non-governmental organizations, associations, institutions, and lastly of taxpayers on the public school system, is the field of research, the main idea and consideration of the symposium.

Prospects and presentations of domestic and foreign plenary specialists, lecturers and many practices of good experiences, and teachers on all levels of the school system convinced us for the tenth time over that we need to organize yet another new international conference.

Our symposium in autumn will be even more interesting and up-to-date. We are discussing knowledge – what it really means and how it can be obtained; teachers attach too much importance to theoretical knowledge and not enough or even insufficient amount to practical, everyday skills and competences, even though current generations of pupils and students demand appropriate expertise in many different fields of knowledge throughout different modern information channels. For example, Wikipedia. Current teaching practices should also be presented, for e.g. good practices. One part in particular is dedicated to gender equality – how far are we in the school system and society in general.

  1. Participants

The conference is attended by business leaders, principals, teachers, educators, consultants, representatives of trade unions, heads of civilian organizations and associations, and other professionals interested in this area. Our symposium has already received contributions from Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Luxembourg, Croatia, Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

  1. Certificates

The participants of the international symposium will receive their confirmation in accordance with the regulations governing the promotion of professional staff in education and training. Certificates are available in English and / or German.

  1. Registration and further information

For further information, please contact Mrs. Rosana Jordan (contact above). Every application from abroad is treated individually.